The Most Common Mistakes Churches Make on Social Media


When it comes to spreading your church’s message, it takes a little more these days than simply posting graphics online and having church on Sundays to reach more people. This is because there’s also a whole world of followers online that you could be missing out on without the right social media presence.


That’s why the digital marketing experts from The Marketing Co-op have collected some important insight for you here about how to maintain a great social media presence for your church, as well as the most common pitfalls to avoid. 


Not Staying Active on Your Social Media Channels 


When people in your area search for churches and faith-based activities online, your social media presence will play a big role in reaching new people, and search engine optimization (SEO) is key. This means not only staying active by making regular posts but tailoring your content to attract a specific group through the use of keywords. Additionally, it’s important to keep all your social media posts unique and informative and all the important information on your Google Business profile up to date. Doing so will help your church rise in the rankings (or SERPs) on Google, Bing, and other search engines and expand your congregation. 


Also, engaging with your followers is incredibly important, whether it be to just say hello or send a personal message from time to time or answer questions and respond to comments. 


Not Posting Interesting, Unique, & Engaging Content for Your Guests


Social media is all about attracting new guests and striking up a conversation with them or making a personal connection. To do so, you need to post content that’s more than a simple occasional update. The best way to take advantage of your church’s social media channels is as a digital discipleship tool that helps your new guests on their journey of faith. This means posting things like behind-the-scenes footage of services, special messages from church members or staff, and perhaps even recorded sermons they can’t get anywhere else. 


Not Utilizing Multiple Platforms


One of the biggest pitfalls churches make when it comes to maintaining their presence on social media is not taking advantage of the multitude of platforms available. There are so many nowadays, and each has its unique benefits. For example, Instagram and YouTube are both great platforms for posting videos and promoting sermons; Twitter for sending out daily spiritual messages, etc. There are also tools churches can use to easily post across multiple platforms like https://www.discipls.io/, which enables you to schedule posts, monitor performance, and edit video automatically with AI. 


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